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Our Way of LIving

If you are here looking for information about how to apply to My Father's House, you are probably a relative, loved one or friend of a man in prison who is looking for transitional housing when he paroles.  Welcome. 


When a man wants to apply to live at My Father's House, we want to be sure he is making an informed decision.  MFH is not simply a place to live, but a community to join.  We want to make sure the men who apply to the community know that.


Below are two links.  The first contains an Introduction to MFH and our Way of Living as well as an application men currently in prison.  The second has the Introduction to MFH, our Way of Living and an application for men already on parole.  Before a man applies to MFH, we ask that he read the Way of Living.  If he has any questions, he should contact us about those before he applies. 

If you have come here seeking information for someone in prison about how to apply to MFH; please print out the Application for men in prison, seeking to parole to My Father's House, and send the entire thing to the man who wants to apply.

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