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Their Stories

This is the way My Father's House is designed to work: a man comes in to build stability in his life: his job, finances and transportation. Most importantly, he comes to build strength in forming relationship. As this man finds that strength and stability in his life, he's ready to move on. He leaves in a much better situation than when he came, and makes way for another man to follow in his footsteps.

Billy lived at My Father's House for nearly nine months.  In March, 2019, he reached a level of stability that enabled him to move into an apartment of his own. The mission of My Father's House is to help men become stable to live independently; and Billy has achieved that goal. He co-owns a janitorial company, and also cleans windows. He has his own transportation, which gives him more freedom, and more options, and has reestablished relationships with his siblings and parents, as well as his grown daughter.

Brad is a Desert Storm veteran who lived at My Father's House from June of 2018 to June of 2019. He came to our community upon being released from the halfway house. Brad has reentered the lives of his children after many years’ absence, and is healing the friendship with his ex-wife as a part of this process. He is working hard for a manufacturing company and has been saving since he was in the halfway house.  Brad was also able to reach the stability needed in his relationships and finances to find his own apartment in June, 2019. He is now living independently, but still feels a part of our community.  We see him regularly at our community dinners.  He continues to set aside money in hopes of buying his own home when he can.

Steve came to My Father's House in August of 2018. A mechanic by training, he works as an emissions tech. He recently completed his ASE certification; a goal he's been working toward for years. He, too, has reestablished contact with family members, his mother and grandmother in particular; and is setting aside money for the future. He moved into his own apartment in July, 2019 as well. He lives not far from the house, and continues to help the men at the house with mechanical questions. Steve is also a regular at our community dinners.

Robert moved into My Father's House from the halfway house in January, 2018, and hit the ground running. He is reconnecting with family where there had been strained relationships for many years. He has gotten his driver's license back, and purchased a car to help with his commute. He moved into his own place at the beginning of August, 2019.  He has completed his sentence.

Matt was released in mid-March of 2019. I have known Matt for several years. While he was in prison, I taught him his catechism, and stood with him as he was baptized and received Confirmation and his First Holy Communion. Since getting out, he has worked in roofing and road construction. Matt is an artist and musician, and practices both diligently. He has also been able to successfully transition to his own apartment in January, 2020 and finished his sentence in mid-2020.

Sean moved into My Father's House in June of 2019 from the halfway house, taking Brad's place.  He works at a textiles company that has contracts with hotels and restaurants.  He hopes to be able to reconnect with siblings as he reestablishes his life.  Sean recently bought a car and is saving for his own apartment.

Jeffery moved into My Father's House in July of 2019, replacing Steve. He is an electrician's apprentice and also has begun studying investing. He has connected with a church in the southern suburbs of Denver, and is finding new purpose there for himself. They have helped him to find an apartment to share, and are helping him get established there; and he is working with the woman who owns that building to provide housing to other men transitioning into the community. Jeff saw how valuable that help was for him, and wanted to give back. This will be a good stepping-stone for him as he saves to buy his own home in the future.

Robert (the second man of this name) came to My Father's House in August of 2019.  He works with Sean at a textiles company that has contracts with hotels and restaurants. A house-painter by profession, Robert does painting (interior and exterior) jobs on the side with his son. He is thoroughly enjoying spending time with his elderly mother every Saturday, giving him an opportunity to share her golden years. He has reconnected with other members of his immediate family, as well. 

David joined our community early in September, 2020.  He struggled, at first, even to get his identification documents in place; something which seems to so simple to most can be a real challenge for many men and women getting out of prison.  Because the DMV did not have his social security number on file, they would not issue him an ID.  Simply telling them the number was not sufficient; they needed an official document (the SS card, a W-2) to prove his number.  After 20 years in prison, all of David's documents are gone.  He does not have a social security card, and getting a replacement is no small task.  Since he didn't have a state ID, he couldn't order the SS card online; and since the Social Security offices are closed due to COVID-19, he can't just go to the office.  Despite all of this, David maintained a positive attitude, figuring out how to move forward.  After several weeks, he was able to obtain the ID and is still waiting for his SS card to come in the mail.  Now that he has ID, he is working in a warehouse.  He enjoys crocheting and just going out in the yard and looking at the stars at night.

Michael came to MFH in October, 2020.  He has a background in trucking and logging.  While he works towards getting his CDL reinstated, he has found work with a local day labor company.  Michael has reconnected with an uncle and was able to see him at Christmastime for the first time in many years.  Michael is also helping us prepare our second home for new men.

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